What is the cost to become a member?

Answer: k-12th $25 for the school year. k-8th $250 for the summer.

What are the hours of operations.

Answer: Our after-school program runs Monday thru Friday from 2pm-6pm. Office hours are between 12pm-6pm

What are the ages to become a member?

Answer: 6-18 years old (if you are still in high school)

Is the clubhouse open during school breaks or holidays?

Answer: No

Is the clubhouse open during the summer?

Answer: Yes, please go to our websites front page and click on summer camp info. We also have info at our clubhouse and anytime during our hours of operation.

Where can I make donations other than money (school supplies, clothes, books, etc?

Answer: For more info regarding in-kind donations to our clubhouse, please contact us during our hours of operations.