Who We Are

Our Mission

The West Contra Costa Salesian Boys and Girls Club (WCCSBGC) strives to provide a safe place for all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their potential in a positive atmosphere, based upon respect for themselves and others while becoming responsible and caring citizens.


In 1946, an 800 square foot, one bedroom home located on the grounds of the Salesian Seminary, served as the first San Pablo Boys Club. It was a place where young boys and teens would gather to socialize, play sports and receive guidance from the resident priests and brothers. Even then, it boasted a child sized basketball court and small animal petting zoo. Today, this same location houses the West Contra Costa Salesian Boys and Girls Club, a combined 32,000 square foot clubhouse and gymnasium, complete with classrooms, computer center, commercial kitchen and performing arts dance studio. It was always the dream of the club's patriarch, Mr. Ed Menosse, to fill the club to capacity and offer as many services as possible to the children. He knows the benefits first hand; he was one of the Boys Club's original members seventy one years ago.
Ed's relationship with local professional athletes, most importantly San Francisco 49er's legendary quarterback Joe Montana Jr., paved the road for the creation of the Joe Montana Jr. Celebrity Golf Tournament in 2001. Its purpose, to raise enough funds to complete the 17K square foot clubhouse. Over the next five years, $600,000 was raised hosting these annual tournaments. Coupled with a matching State grant, the total price of construction (approx. $1.6M), was paid for in full.

Our Trustees

Lloyd and Yvonne Bonfante / Sheryl Granzella / Paul Morris / Jan Menosse / Frank Pachote
Joyce Peterson / Tom Tatro

Our Leaders

President: Joe Aita
Vice Presidents: Lynda Bartels, John W. Ziesenhenne
Treasurer: Zehra Vahidy
Secretary: Doreen Covell

Our Team

Athletic Specialist: Andre Williams
Chief Professional Officer: Steve Alameda

Program Director: David Arriaga
Web Development and Social Media: Sehaj Pandal
Computer Education: Sehaj Pandal

Education Specialist: Nicholas Saeyang

Art Specialist: Nalani Roach

Board of Directors

Nicole Aguayo / Jeff Allenstein / Milie Casarez Sallomi / Marylou Flannery
Demnlus Johnson / Joe Lorenz / Dennis Maggiora / Bill McCombe / Eddie Menosse / Zehra Vahidy / Tommy Welsh / Ray Aguilera / Josue Rodriquez / Fr. John Itzaina SDB